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Kyle Papilla Portfolio | Flightly
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Design, Interactive
About This Project

Through extensive research and personal anecdotes, my project partner Angela Schmold and myself created Flightly, a stress management organization looking to help people cope and deal with air travel nervousness.

The relief kit is meant to help people manage their stress when dealing with air travel experience. It includes a curated set of items including a stress ball, sleeping mask chewing gum, flash cards, and a voucher for a free app. Each item varies in its air flight relief and anxiety support mechanisms.

The landing page of the website acts as an educational source as well as a place to purchase the kit. The kit could also be purchased within airport terminals. Click here to try out the landing page prototype.

Both the flash cards and app work in conjunction with each other. The flash cards contain infographics and fun factoids about flight and other airplane tidbits. The app, when downloaded, helps test your knowledge as well as providing helpful exercises to help cope with your nervousness. Click here to try the early app prototype.