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Kyle Papilla Portfolio | Adeona Repair Shop
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About This Project

In Roman mythology, Adeona is the goddess of safe journeys and the overseer of wandering travellers. Adeona is an automotive repair company known for its dependability and cultural accessibility. The company objective is to make sure your vehicle is in the trusting of hands of the community’s best mechanics in the most diverse neighbourhood in the Lower Mainland (Burnaby-Edmonds).

Every staff member will have their own personalized business card with their nationality as part of the logo as well as a list of languages they could speak. All staff members will also be given personal jumpsuits with their names and surname initial included.

The street corner where Adeona is located will bear the company’s namesake. The black and white logo will be situated around the area block much like regular street sign, thus bringing more attention to the repair shop.